President Biden ran on the promise to do everything in his power to combat the pandemic, and once again, he’s delivering on that promise. President Biden and Vice President Harris are taking critical steps to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed, keep schools open, and ensure every American has access to the necessary care and vaccinations they need to protect themselves this holiday season. 

From at-home testing to free booster shots, President Biden is using all of the tools at his disposal to combat COVID-19 and protect the American people. 

CNN: “Biden to announce plan for free at-home tests as he assures vaccinated Americans they don’t need to cancel holiday plans”

USA Today: “Biden to announce free rapid COVID-19 tests and help for overwhelmed hospitals amid omicron threat”

NBC News: “Biden administration to make 500 million at-home Covid tests available for free”

Fox News: “Biden to announce support for hospitals, access to free COVID tests, vaccine availability amid omicron surge”

New York Post: “Biden launching COVID test sites to ease NYC lines, 1K troops to fight Omicron”

President Biden is also taking key steps to make sure students can stay in school safely. 

NBC News: “Biden administration unveils push for ‘test-to-stay’ policy to keep kids in school”

NBC News: “The strategy includes a ‘test to stay’ approach: Instead of mandatory quarantines for unvaccinated students identified as close contacts of a Covid-positive peer, those students could remain in school if they test negative for the virus at least twice during the week after an exposure.”


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