President Biden and Democrats’ middle-class tax cuts have changed the lives of Michigan families by providing much-needed economic relief. In every corner of the state, Michganders are praising President Biden and Michigan Democrats like Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow for ensuring families benefit from this lifesaving legislation. — including Anita Cobb’s family in St. Johns.

While Democrats are focused on delivering for 1.9 million children and counting, Republicans continue to vote against families like Anita’s. In fact, every single Michigan Republican voted against these transformational payments in the American Rescue Plan and plan to vote against the payments that clearly benefit Michigan families once again in the Build Back Better Act. 

Read more about Anita and the numerous Michigan families that are benefiting from President Biden’s expanded Child Tax Credit in the Detroit Free Press

  • “On average, qualifying families in Michigan saw an extra $444 in October alone, according to data from the U.S. Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service. The payouts can run higher for those with more children who qualify. About 1.02 million payments were issued to families in Michigan.” 
  • “Families across the country have used this money to catch up after falling behind on bills; cover the family’s monthly car lease payment and cell phone bill; pay health insurance premiums; pay for costs associated with sports, including travel hockey; set aside a little extra savings toward college; and deal with everyday school expenses, according to parents.” 
  • “[Anita Cobb] says her family doesn’t qualify for other assistance or reduced participation fees so the child tax credit is important to families like hers on the bubble. She’s now working fewer hours and that’s helped her spend more time with her children and has cut down on some stress.”
  • “[Cobb’s] family has used the extra money from the child tax credit to cover all sorts of bills — including what’s expected to add up to $525 in fees this academic year for Isaiah to participate in sports in high school, roughly $400 for Amaria’s expenses as a cheerleader and a basketball player, and less than $100 for DaShaun’s expenses for band.”
  • “It’s helped me tremendously,’ Cobb said, adding that she would very much like to see the expanded child tax credit program extended.” 

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