LANSING — In 2013, then-DPD chief James Craig fled the scene of a suspected carjacking. Now that he repeatedly touts how he “led from the front” as he campaigns for governor, he tried to change his story when the Detroit Free Press revisited this incident. 

At the time, Craig repeatedly said he was looking to get “out of harm’s way” when he sped off. When confronted with criticism, he repeated that he left the scene and defended his lack of action.


James Craig: I’ve been in this business 36 years. I have never in my entire 36-year career ran from crime. Someone running into the street approaching my car – there was no crime. And so, to take police action at that point would have been wrong

Greg Bowens: You have to wonder whether or not you’re confronted with what you believe to be a crime, and you don’t do anything, then I believe the police call it neglect of duty. 

Reporter 3: I talked to people very experienced in law enforcement and they told me that…if [Craig] thought this guy was a carjacker, he should’ve called in a marked unit to investigate. 

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Not only did James Craig fail to take action when confronted with a potential crime, but he also tried to pull the wool over Michiganders’ eyes when asked about the incident as a candidate. It’s clear that Craig is more concerned with protecting his image than he is with being honest about his past, and Michiganders deserve better.”

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