This week, multiple outlets reported that challenges were filed against the nominating petitions submitted by Republican gubernatorial candidates James Craig, Tudor Dixon, and Perry Johnson. Evidence of extensive election fraud ranging from forged signatures to the inclusion of deceased voters was uncovered, throwing into question whether any of the three will appear on  the August primary ballot.

Local news stations across Michigan carried the explosive story.

FOX 2 News Detroit

“Lawyers reviewing the names also say they found dozens of signatures from people who couldn’t possibly have signed petitions for Perry Johnson or James Craig because they’re dead. […]

[ELECTION LAW ATTORNEY STEVEN LIEDEL:]  These people are labeled deceased in the state’s own voter file.” 

FOX 2 News Detroit

“Craig’s camp is accused of turning in petitions with thousands of purportedly invalid or forged signatures. […]

Johnson’s campaign is also accused of forgery, allegedly using the same people accused of forging signatures on James Craig’s petitions. […] 

[ELECTION LAW ATTORNEY STEVEN LIEDEL:] Forgery is a crime. Signing someone else’s name on a petition is a crime.” 

ABC 12 News Flint

“The Party accuses James Craig, Tudor Dixon, and Perry Johnson of forging signatures among other accusations that could keep them from qualifying for the GOP primary.

Complaints filed with the Board of State Canvassers accuse Craig circulators of round robinning. That’s when a small group of people fake signatures across several petition sheets using lists of real voters. […]

Johnson is accused of forgery as well.”

9 & 10 News Traverse City

“Nominating petitions for three Republican gubernatorial candidates are being challenged. […]

Petitions for James Craig, Perry Johnson, and Tudor Dixonare all in question. […]

Complaints against Craig and Johnson accuse them of forging signatures on their petitions.” 

FOX 17 News Grand Rapids

“These challenges could throw a stump into who exactly even qualifies to run for the GOP primary in August. […]

They say there are thousands of fake signatures for James Craig. […]

Tudor Dixon, she is actually challenging Craig as well. Republican against Republican here, citing the same fraudulent concerns. 

Michigan Dems also say Dixon’s 30,000 signatures should be tossed out because her petitions inaccurately say the next gubernatorial term ends in 2026. […]

For Johnson, forgery is also the issue at hand.”

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