Back home for recess over the past two weeks, Republicans were met with ads, events, and headlines in battleground states across the country making sure that Americans know about their plan that could raise taxes on more than half the country and sunset Social Security and Medicare in five years. 

Here’s a look at some of what Republicans saw during their trips home the past two weeks: 

ADS: Ahead of Tax Day on April 18, the DNC launched a digital ad buy in key states targeted to Google searches for tax services. The ads reminded voters in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada of Senate Republicans’ plan that could raise taxes on half of Americans. 

EVENTS: Ahead of and on Tax Day, Democratic state parties in Wisconsin, and Florida held events outside of Ron Johnson and Rick Scott’s offices to make sure the Republican senators’ constituents know they have a plan to raise taxes, while Georgia Democrats criticized the Georgia GOP for embracing Rick Scott despite his Republican agenda of tax hikes. After Tax Day, in Pennsylvania, local Democrats criticized the Republican plan that could sunset Medicare and Social Security that millions rely on. 

HEADLINES: While they were home the past two weeks, Republicans couldn’t run from headlines pinning their disastrous agenda on them. Turns out, people don’t like it when you say you’re going to raise their taxes. 

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