Yesterday, 41 Senate Republicans voted against advancing the PACT Act — a bill that would expand health care access for combat veterans suffering from toxic burn pit exposure. Republicans are so opposed to lowering prescription drug costs that they are willing to put our service members’ well-being on the line as a part of their political stunt. 

CNN: “Senate procedural vote on burn pits legislation fails amid widespread Republican opposition”

POLITICO: “Mere hours after Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin announced a climate and tax deal, the Senate failed to advance burn pits legislation to help veterans.”

Make no mistake: Senate Republicans are holding our veterans hostage because they would rather side with Big Pharma. Lest we forget, many of these same Republicans previously supported this historic legislation, only to pull their votes after Democrats struck a deal to bring down costs for American families.

Let’s be clear: Veterans’ lives could be put at risk if this bill continues to stall due to GOP opposition. Senate Republicans owe our veterans — and the American people — some serious answers.

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