We here at the DNC War Room are old enough to remember when President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed two months ago, and we also remember that 94% of House Republicans voted AGAINST it. Not only did they vote against critical funding for broadband, clean water, roads, and transit, but they also voted against the more than $27 billion President Biden just announced to help local communities repair and replace thousands of bridges in desperate need. 

Today, President Biden announced a new program that will invest nearly $27 billion from his Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to help states and tribes fix thousands of bridges across the country. 

Associated Press: “Biden administration launches program to fix 15,000 bridges”

ABC News: “President Joe Biden will announce a nearly $27 billion investment Friday to fund repairs and replace bridges in need.”

CNN: “The US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration is launching the Bridge Formula Program, which will provide $26.5 billion to states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico over the next five years, as well as $825 million for tribal bridges, according to a senior administration official.”

Washington Post: “The administration said the funding represents the biggest federal investment in bridges since the creation of the interstate system.”

But the overwhelming majority – 94% – of House Republicans voted AGAINST this funding, which will fix bridges in their own states and districts. 

HuffPost: “Only 13 House Republicans voted for the bill, which includes funding for roads, bridges, highways, railways and ports.”

USA Today: “House GOP members who voted for infrastructure bill face backlash from Republican colleagues”

Insider: “GOP lawmakers want to punish the 13 Republicans who voted for Biden’s infrastructure bill by kicking them off congressional committees, report says”


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