Nikki Haley has spent years supporting cuts to Social Security and Medicare — praising Paul Ryan’s plan to gut these programs and now making it a central part of her stump on the campaign trail.

Haley has been shamelessly campaigning to end Social Security and Medicare as we know it — which would hurt hard working families and seniors across the country. 

Associated Press: “Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is proposing changes to entitlement programs for younger generations, opening the door to potential cuts to Social Security and Medicare if elected.”

But Haley’s fight to gut Social Security and Medicare comes as no surprise — she has a long and consistent record of wanting to slash these essential programs. 

Washington Post: “Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador who is planning to announce her own presidential bid this month, also praised Ryan’s Medicare proposal at the time and said lawmakers should examine Medicare and Social Security spending to address federal debt.
“‘What they need to be doing is looking at entitlements,’ Haley said in a 2010 interview on Fox News. ‘Look at Social Security. Look at Medicaid. Look at Medicare. Look at these things, and let’s actually go to the heart of what is causing government to grow, and tackle that.’”

Semafor: “As governor of South Carolina at the time, Nikki Haley praised the [Paul Ryan] fiscal blueprint for ‘trying to bring common sense to this world of insanity.’”

NH Journal: “On entitlement programs, [Nikki Haley] says ‘you have to look at entitlements.’ ‘Let’s not dig our head in the sand and say “we’re not going to do anything about entitlements,” we have to.’”

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