Tudor Dixon has embraced election conspiracy theories and repeatedly claimed that the 2020 election was stolen.

When asked to raise her hand during a primary debate if she believed not only that there was fraud, but enough to impact the outcome of the 2020 election, Dixon joined the majority of her opponents in reaffirming her claims that it did. This is consistent with the conspiracy theories she has repeated time and again over the last two years and throughout her campaign.

Even before she launched a bid, Dixon made an online commentating career out of stoking public distrust in the democratic process while anchoring on ‘Real America’s network,’ an extreme right-wing cable network.

Dixon “claimed the election was stolen and accused Democrats of ‘obvious’ and ‘sloppy’ voter fraud” in the days after the 2020 election. She took to Twitter multiple times in the months directly following the 2020 general election to cry fraud and theft without providing any basis for these accusations. She has used these sentiments to advocate for voter ID even though it is already state law and limit absentee ballots because she believes they caused “widespread fraud” in the 2020 election.

Part of her extensive efforts to shoulder this baseless crusade, Dixon has thoroughly rejected the Republican-led Senate Oversight Committee’s 55-page report definitively stating that there was “no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud.” During an appearance on Off the Record, Dixon got in a heated back and forth with the rest of the panel, arguing that they were “misleading [their] viewers” by simply explaining the reports findings that there was no evidence of fraud. 

Dixon has also expressed support for an Arizona-style “audit” in Michigan, despite the multi-million dollar sham exercise reinforcing the fact that there was no evidence of fraud and actually netting more votes for President Biden than in the certified results. 

See below for a list of additional statements made by Dixon that reinforce her rabid fixation with relitigating the past.

  • “Steal an election then hide behind calls for unity and leftists lap it up”
  • “Zero self awareness made [Democrats’] voter fraud sloppy and obvious”
  • “Republicans would have to have voted for their Republican congressional candidate and no presidential candidate or Joe Biden to make these numbers work. And we know that didnt happen”
  • “Please tell me, how many of you voted for your Republican Congressional candidate and also checked the box for Joe Biden? Or Dems, how many of you voted for a Democrat Congressional candidate and checked the box for Trump? Oh, now you see…”

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