DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon continues to tout a wrong-for-Michigan agenda that would hurt working families, dissuade businesses from investing in Michigan, and undermine the robust economic recovery and growth that has taken place since the pandemic. 

Since joining the race, Dixon has shown Michigan business owners, workers, and consumers that her administration would put her radical agenda ahead of our economy at every juncture. So far, she has opposed major job-creating investments in the auto industry, stressed her desire to force pregnancy on women even when their lives are at risk, referred to bipartisan efforts to keep fixing our infrastructure as “fake,” and pledged to slash resources to educate future generations of our workforce.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“DeVos and newest MIGOP-insider darling Tudor Dixon has repeatedly pushed a wrong-for-Michigan agenda that would see auto plants shuttered and goods halted due to illegal blockades, dangerous elimination of reproductive freedom, and future generations of our workforce underprepared to compete for good-paying jobs – all to suit her racidal whims. Our working families deserve leadership that will keep our economy first.”

Dixon Panned GM’s 4,000 Job-Creating, $7 Billion Dollar Investment in Michigan and Cheered on the Ambassador Bridge Blockade

Tudor Dixon was dismissive of the GM $7 billion dollar investment in “making Michigan the ‘hub’ of electric vehicle development and manufacturing.” Dixon supporter and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey even praised the deal as a “historic” job-creator, as GM is expected to bring 4,000 new good-paying positions to Michigan. 

But Dixon’s disdain for the auto industry doesn’t end there. 

As “major international gateway” Ambassador Bridge was shut down due to an illegal blockade that impacted $356 million of goods daily, Dixon threw her support behind this major economic chokehold on Michigan and encouraged it to continue.

The auto industry suffered “$299.9 million in direct losses,” and assembly plants at GM and Ford were forced to cancel shifts due to a lack of parts traveling across the bridge, which resulted in workers weathering up to $51 million in lost wages.

Dixon Pledged to Ban Abortion, Even When The Life of the Mother is at Risk

Tudor Dixon is a staunch supporter of the currently dormant law from 1931 that criminalizes abortion and remains on the books in Michigan. It also makes felons out of reproductive health care providers and provides no exceptions for rape or incest. Right to Life Michigan, which also endorsed Dixon, touted the law as the most restrictive in the country.

Dixon has plainly stated that she would was against all exceptions to abortion, even when the health of the mother was at risk. 

Dixon Called Historic, Bipartisan Investments to Keep Fixing Our Roads and Bridges “Fake”

The bipartisan and historic Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is set to create thousands of good-paying union jobs for Michiganders, while delivering more than $10 billion for major improvements to Michigan’s infrastructure.

Yet despite this major win, Republican gubernatorial candidates like Tudor Dixon called the infrastructure bill “fake” – showing that no amount of good policy would deter her kneejerk hyperpartisanship.

Dixon Sold Out to Do Betsy DeVos’ Bidding and Rewrite Michigan’s Constitution So She Can Shortchange Our Kids

Tudor Dixon has been one of the most vocal gubernatorial candidates pledging to decimate public education funding by any means necessary. It’s no wonder the DeVos family recently committed to bankrolling her campaign. 

Last year, she voiced her support for “the latest effort by legislative Republicans to create a school voucher system in Michigan” and vowed to sign the attempt to privatize education and steal $500 million annually from public schools into law as governor.

Dixon also announced that repealing Michigan’s constitutional ban on using public money for private education was a top priority for her campaign. Dixon said she “absolutely” backed a tax plan that would slash $3.5 billion from public schools.

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