As Tudor Dixon continues to hide from Michigan voters, holding no regular public events and instead making countless appearances on national right-wing cable shows, it’s become more and more apparent that the special interest groups who have funneled money into her campaign are who she’s working for – not hardworking Michigan families.

Positioned squarely at a “critical juncture” where she’s running out of time to reverse a “stark” campaign finance and enthusiasm deficit, DeVos sellout Dixon continues to prioritize special interests so they will continue bankrolling her campaign by avoiding Michiganders and ignoring in-state media. The size of their investments show Dixon’s promises made at the expense of working families must be big and intended to be recouped – with interest.

After the DeVos family publicly lined up behind her, PACs supporting Dixon were able to spend “a combined $2.18 million” in her favor. Michigan Families United, the PAC running the majority of the airwave interference propping up Dixon’s campaign, received $1 million from the wealthy clan. This is only a fraction of the upwards of “$30 million” the DeVoses are expected to spend propping up Dixon’s campaign over the next 63 days.

Other special interest PACs are following their lead. Since the latest financial report, one PAC put five figures on the radio, another threw in $100,000, a different one “reserved $103,000 worth of airtime,” and Susan B. Anthony List announced they would be parachuting in six figures.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Special interests aren’t just the backbone of DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon’s campaign – they’re  the whole damn skeleton. Dixon continues to spend more time courting their support and begging for their dollars on national right-wing cable shows instead of holding regular public events or talking to in-state media. It’s clear who she’s working for to push her dangerous DeVos-Dixon agenda – and it’s not Michiganders.”

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