“Dixon has spent much of her current campaign looking backward.” – Bob LaBrant

While she caters to national special interests, Republicans across Michigan continue to sour on Tudor Dixon and her wrong-for-Michigan agenda. Bob LaBrant, former senior vice president for political affairs and general counsel who served at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce for 35 years, is the latest to warn members of his own party that Dixon would undermine the massive strides Governor Whitmer has made to keep working families first.

In an op-ed for Detroit Free Press, LaBrant notes that Dixon has completely ignored the forward-facing solutions Michiganders care about. Instead she “has spent much of her campaign looking backward,” going all in on conspiracy theories about past elections and the life-saving steps Whitmer took during the pandemic to distract voters from her dangerous plans to decimate public education and stall economic development, and eliminate reproductive choice.

Read more below from LaBrant on how Dixon, along with Republican Attorney General and Secretary of State nominees Matt DePerno and Kristina Karamo, round out “the most unqualified state-level ticket in recent Michigan history.”

Detroit Free Press (OPINION): LaBrant: GOP ticket is least qualified in Michigan history

By Bob LaBrant

In the days after Republican primary voters chose her to be their party’s gubernatorial nominee, Tudor Dixon’s top priority was to travel out-of-state to Dallas, Texas to speak at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) convention, where she joined election deniers like Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Green, Josh Hawley, and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell as a featured speaker. […]

During my adulthood, Michigan has had four Republican Governors: Romney, Milliken, Engler and Snyder. During that period Michigan had to deal with race riots, PPB contamination, college protests, Flint water, unemployment, and recessions.

Those governors were responsible for guiding Michigan through that turbulence. They were able to do so because they were serious people. They had experience in government or as CEOs in private industry. Dixon’s private sector experience was in sales in her family’s steel plant, which is no longer in business. Now she is a commentator, with roughly the same qualifications for public office as Bannon, Alex Jones, and Glenn Beck.

Like Trump, who still denies he lost the 2020 election and exhorts states like Michigan to rescind their electoral college votes and reinstate him as president, Dixon has spent much of her current campaign looking backward. Her CPAC speech focused on Whitmer’s 2020 COVID response; she has called the public health precautions Whitmer imposed cruel and destructive. But Dixon has not explained how her own policy of simply ignoring the pandemic, not taking any steps to mitigate its spread, and opposing masks and vaccine mandates would have saved Michigan lives.

Dixon has spent much of her time since attacking Whitmer for inflation. Does Dixon really think inflation is a state issue confined to Michigan? Does she suppose that Gov. DeSantis or Gov. Abbott have cured inflation in their states?

Lt. Governor nominee Shane Hernandez is the only person on the Republican ticket who can demonstrate any qualification for holding statewide office. His running mates — Dixon; attorney general nominee Matt DePerno, under criminal investigation for voting machine tampering; and secretary of state nominee Kristina Karamo, a featured QAnon conference speaker — can point only to their allegiance to Trump and his debunked stolen election claims.

This is the most unqualified state-level ticket in recent Michigan history.

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