Clerks have a tough job and we can’t allow extremists to cast doubt on their work and the integrity of our elections

LANSING – The Michigan State Police and Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office are investigating unauthorized voting machine access by third parties in counties across Michigan. Republican State Representative Daire Rendon, who represents constituents in Roscommon County, is the most recent Republican lawmaker alleged to have tried to gain unauthorized third-party access to voting machines. Representative Rendon allegedly pressured Denton Township Clerk Carol Asher,  to illegally give her access to the voting tabulators shortly after the 2020 election. Clerk Asher refused access to Representative Rendon but believes other municipal clerks may have been approached with the same request.

Unauthorized third-party access to voting equipment is a violation of Michigan law. In February,  Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson asked the Attorney General’s office and the Michigan State Police to examine reports that an “unnamed third party” was granted access to voting technology in Roscommon County. Attempts to circumvent the law or persuade election officials to violate their oath to uphold the law must be seriously investigated to protect the integrity of Michigan elections and to safeguard taxpayer resources.  

“I’m once again appalled but unfortunately not surprised by the unlawful behavior of some GOP members,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes.  “We must protect our clerks from illegal attempts to disrupt and sabotage our election system. Michigan clerks and their staff have a tough job, and we can’t allow extremists to cast doubt on their work and the integrity of our elections.” 

“Elections are the foundation of our democracy and any effort to undermine the election process and resources must be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted by the fullest extent of the law. I applaud Attorney General Nessel and Secretary Benson for taking the necessary steps to ensure our elections are safe and clerks can do their jobs without fear.”


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