As anti-abortion Republican candidates across the country head into the general election in November, they’re now trying to erase their extremist stances. Make no mistake – they can’t hide from their extreme plans to ban abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest, which are wildly out of step with Americans.

Voters are sure to see through these attempts to rewrite these records. Some candidates are so desperate they’re even completely wiping their websites their extreme position on abortion:

CNN: “Arizona GOP Senate candidate attempts to soften anti-abortion stance in pivot to general election”

NBC News: “In Arizona, Blake Masters backtracks on abortion and scrubs his campaign website”

AZCentral: “Blake Masters’ campaign website replaces stark abortion views with softer message”

But let’s be clear: Blake Masters is NOT the only one. There are many other recent examples of Republicans blatantly lying about their anti-choice records:

Minnesota GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Jenson publicly stated his intention to push an abortion ban as governor, but then later put out a taped video papering over his extreme anti-choice stance.

In Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, GOP candidate Zach Nunn published an op-ed wherein he reneged on his extreme abortion stance by stating he supports exceptions to victims of rape and incest.

In Michigan’s 7th Congressional District, GOP candidate Tom Barrett boasted about being “100-percent pro-life, no exceptions”; however, he recently deleted the “Values” section of his website in its entirety, which included his extremist views on abortion. 

In Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District, GOP candidate Amanda Adkins, who previously supported the creation of a pro-life constitutional amendment, wrote an op-ed completley lying about her extreme position.

In Colorado’s 8th Congressional District, GOP candidate Barb Kirkmeyer responded “no” to a voter guide regarding allowing abortions “under any extenuating circumstances” — and now wants voters to believe that’s not her position.

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