The disaster of last week’s RNC Winter Meeting has spilled over into another week – with no signs of slowing down. After Ronna McDaniel spearheaded making the official position of the Republican Party that the Trump-incited riots of January 6 were “legitimate political discourse,” her own party is now at war with itself as Republican lawmakers are forced to answer where they stand on the issue.

Republicans really don’t appreciate having to answer for Ronna McDaniel reminding voters that Donald Trump’s Republican Party officially supports political violence, attacking police officers, and trying to overturn elections.

Politico Playbook: “Censures inflame GOP tensions”

CNN: “Republicans are frustrated by RNC move reopening party’s January 6 divide ahead of midterms”

Politico: “Senate GOP backlash smacks RNC after Cheney-Kinzinger censure”

While the NRSC tried to declare the Republican civil war over, Marjorie Taylor Greene and the developments of the past week have made it very clear that that could not be further from the truth.

Fox News: “GOP ‘Civil War is now canceled,’ says NRSC chair Rick Scott in fiery memo asking for party unity ahead of 2022”

Washington Examiner: “There is a wrenching debate going on inside the Republican Party over the simplest of questions: Should the party look backward or forward?”

“We have to lean into this civil war in the GOP.” – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene


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