Make no mistake – the current threat to Roe v. Wade is a direct result of Republicans’ decades-long war on reproductive health care. Now, Republicans don’t want you to hear about their extreme plans to ban abortion, jail doctors, and ban some forms of contraception. 

Why? Because it’s wildly out of touch with the American people who overwhelmingly support access to safe and legal abortion.

Republicans can run but they can’t hide from their records on choice, and we’ll be here to make sure they answer for their extreme ultra-MAGA agenda.

NPR: “Republican-led legislatures are where most of the action is right now, as they push the limits on restrictions and curtailing access, testing the Supreme Court to see what is acceptable and not.”

Yahoo News: “As states across the country prepare for the likely overturning of Roe v. Wade in June, attention has shifted to the forthcoming efforts to outlaw abortion in Republican-controlled states. And, despite the unpopularity of such measures, it seems that many red states are planning to ban abortion without any exceptions for rape or incest.”

Washington Post: “The next frontier for the antiabortion movement: A nationwide ban”

The Guardian: “Where Republicans once believed that absolute bans were unpalatable and ‘toxic’ with voters, the party’s legislators have now adopted the language once promoted by the most extreme anti-abortion activists in the country who say any such exceptions are ‘prejudice against children conceived in rape and incest.’”

CNN: “Most Republicans, even those who have been fierce opponents of abortion, have signaled that they don’t want to dive into the abortion debate — at least not right now. And polling shows that most Americans don’t want the court to overturn Roe: just 30% of Americans said they wanted to see the ruling struck down, according to polling conducted by CNN in January.”

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