Tonight in Livingston County, every Republican candidate for governor showed that they are in lockstep to implement a DeVos-style agenda that would decimate public schools and harm Michigan’s students, parents, and educators. 

The wrong-for-Michigan vision gubernatorial Republicans shared on stage is no different from what they’ve been saying on the campaign trail for months on end:

  • Perry Johnson has already communicated to Michiganders that he’s “not interested in the same things” as them – such as a robust public education system that keeps students, parents, and educators first. One of his many misleading ads spamming the airwaves fails to point out the disastrous impacts his backwards education agenda would have on public schools across Michigan. Johnson’s extreme education agenda – implementing a voucher-style funding scheme and funneling resources from struggling schools – would dismantle public education as we know it.
  • Ryan Kelley has pledged to “happily and enthusiastically as governor, sign an executive order that eliminates the Department of Education” – another unconstitutional proposal.

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