Despite the fact Americans are exhausted by a pandemic that has gripped our nation and cost so many people their lives, Republicans seem hellbent on continuing to play politics with the pandemic. Time and time again, Republicans keep pushing policies and repeating talking points that guarantee a prolonged pandemic, more sick Americans, and a weakened economy.

Republicans’ failures have not gone unnoticed and have contributed to the further spread of COVID: 

Sun Sentinel’s Randy Schultz: DeSantis beats Abbott in COVID-19 race to the bottom

  • “Many months have passed since any conservative media outlet gushed about how Gov. DeSantis got it right on the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s because he didn’t, as the evidence continues to show.”
  • “Many governors have faced challenges in getting people vaccinated. DeSantis, though, has backed down from the challenge, likely because the most vaccine-resistant in Florida are hardcore Republicans. The damage from DeSantis’ willful indifference extends beyond those preventable deaths.”
  • “Because he opposes almost every idea to reduce the spread of COVID-19, DeSantis must rely on ignorance to make his case that all is well. In August, as schools were about to open, DeSantis called COVID-19 ‘a very minor risk’ to children. A bigger threat, he said, was respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.”

Forbes: Covid Spread Was 8% Lower In Democrat-Led States Than GOP Because Of Stricter Restrictions, Study Finds

  • “States with Democratic governors had a lower spread of Covid-19 than Republican-led ones because of stricter public health measures, a new study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found, which researchers said underscores how much Covid-19 restrictions have been ‘politicized’—and why health professionals should be the ones calling the shots.”
  • “The 10-point difference in PPI was linked to an 8% ‘increase in the expected number of new cases,’ meaning the spread of Covid-19 was that much lower in Democratic-led states than Republican ones on average because they had more stringent measures in place.”

While Republicans bray about vaccine requirements, the simple fact of the matter is, they work:

  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Delta says 90% of employees are now vaccinated”
  • Forbes: “Speaking with CBS This Morning, [United Airlines CEO Scott] Kirby said 99.7% of the Chicago-based airline’s 67,000 U.S. employees have gotten the jab since its vaccine requirement was announced August 6.”

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