There is no bigger clown show in Washington D.C. than the House GOP caucus, and their latest midterm strategy confirms it. 

After nearly 18 months of tragedy and economic stress, House Republicans have chosen to follow the lead of Governors DeSantis and Abbott, and are doubling down on peddling vaccine misinformation and bizarre stunts to undermine public health efforts. 

  • CNN: “But turning the CDC into a punching bag – and villainizing scientists – is also an irresponsible and risky strategy, as the Delta variant continues to ravage communities with low vaccination rates and pediatric hospitalizations are on the rise, just as kids return to school. While the GOP is harping on the reemergence of safety measures, it is largely ignoring that the country likely wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for some of the anti-vaccine sentiment being pushed by party members.”

Despite this, the majority of voters, including a majority of independents, continue to support the rational leadership from Democrats and responsible Republicans who are working with public health experts to combat the latest surge and getting more Americans vaccinated. 

  • Politico: “A majority of voters support mandatory coronavirus vaccines and indoor mask-wearing requirements, according to a new Morning Consult/POLITICO poll that shows opposition to the requirements is chiefly limited to Republicans.”
  • Politico: “The survey also found that about half of all voters blame the new wave of infections that have sent numbers spiking equally on the unvaccinated and on political leaders opposed to mask-wearing and social-distancing mandates. About one-fifth of voters said neither is responsible; 14 percent blamed the unvaccinated solely and another 7 percent targeted the politicians.”
  • Politico: “But throughout the pandemic, many Republican leaders have been more resistant to social distancing and masking requirements and haven’t been as aggressive as Biden in promoting the benefits of vaccines to stop or slow the spread of Covid. Voters have taken notice and give Biden some of his highest marks in managing the pandemic, with 58 percent rating him excellent or good when it comes to handling the pandemic, the poll shows. Biden’s overall job-approval rating is 51 percent. More voters, 45 percent, trust Democrats in Congress when it comes to handling the coronavirus than Republicans (33 percent).

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