The Republican Party is uniting behind Florida Senator and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Rick Scott’s plan to raise taxes on over half of Americans – an incredible reminder of what the Republican Party’s agenda is. And now, to pile on, Republican Senator Ron Johnson confirmed today that Republicans still want to leave millions more Americans without health care and force them to pay more for the care they need.

While Mitch McConnell is upset Rick Scott blew the door open on the Republican agenda, his own party is refusing to say raising taxes on over half of Americans is NOT their agenda.

Associated Press: “Rubio’s campaign declined to say specifically whether he supported Scott’s plan when asked.”

QUESTION: “Republican Senator Rick Scott put out an 11-point plan. It would ask every American to pay at least a little income tax in order to, quote, have skin in the game.” [….]

Joni Ernst: “I think every Republican, as we step forward, will determine what is in the best interest for their own party dynamics within their states and defending what we believe to be true, liberty, freedom, you name it, that’s what we are for.”

Ron Johnson: “It’s a positive thing.” 

And to put a cherry on top – Senator Ron Johnson confirmed Republicans are still hell-bent on leaving millions more Americans uninsured if they win the majority.

Washington Post: “Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said he wants to see the GOP repeal the Affordable Care Act if his party wins the White House and the House and Senate majorities again in 2024, a move that would resurrect a fight that Republicans had waged for nearly a decade, then largely abandoned in 2018.”


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