LANSING — President Biden has made it clear: Time is running out to prevent a national debt crisis and concurring economic turmoil for people across the country. If Republicans continue to block efforts to raise the debt limit — even though they are responsible for it — it could mean dire consequences for the nearly 600,000 military personnel and veterans who call Michigan home. 

If the U.S. Treasury runs out of money before legislation raising the debt ceiling hits President Biden’s desk, the salaries of thousands of those active-duty service members and veterans in Michigan could be in jeopardy. Mitch McConnell and his flock of congressional Republicans, including Michigan Reps. Bergman and Upton, are focused on playing messy, political games instead of working with Democrats to save our economy from a catastrophic event that could directly impact Michiganders’ savings and pocketbooks as soon as this week. 

“Under the previous administration, congressional Republicans voted to raise the debt limit three times — in part to give the wealthiest Americans a tax giveaway. Now, in a blatantly partisan move, they refuse to raise the limit under President Biden even if it would ensure our military personnel and veterans get the paychecks they are owed for serving our country,” said Lavora Barnes, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “This dangerous political game Republicans are playing is disgraceful, but if Republicans won’t get out of the way to pay our service members, Democrats will make sure they are paid.”

With Republicans focused on scoring political points instead of meeting our obligation to respect the full faith and credit of the United States, our country will face dire consequences like:

  • Jeopardizing the salaries for service members and benefits for veterans
  • An economic recession that will produce a higher unemployment rate
  •  Interest rates going up, raising mortgage and car payments for working families

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