President Joe Biden puts working Americans first — whether it’s bringing manufacturing jobs back home, making our economy more competitive against China, or lowering health care costs. Yet Republicans have voted against the American worker at every turn.

American manufacturing is BOOMING thanks to President Biden’s leadership. But 187 House Republicans sided with the Chinese Communist Party and voted against bringing thousands more manufacturing jobs back home.

New York Times: “​​Factory Jobs Are Booming Like It’s the 1970s”

New York Times: “American manufacturers have now added enough jobs to regain all that they shed — and then some… As of August this year, manufacturers had added back about 1.43 million jobs, a net gain of 67,000 workers above prepandemic levels.”

And 158 House Republicans are part of the extreme Republican Study Committee — which put out a budget plan that would gut Americans’ hard-earned Social Security benefits.

NBC News: “The Republican Study Committee, a large group of House conservatives, proposed a budget in June that would incrementally raise the retirement age to collect Social Security… and lower benefits over the long term.”

Republicans are also running on an extreme “Commitment to America” platform that would actually raise costs. That’s right: The GOP is “committing” to raising prescription drug costs on millions of Americans by repealing Democrats’ historic cost-cutting legislation.

Axios: “Some key House Republicans are calling for the repeal of Democrats’ newly-passed drug pricing measure if the GOP flips control of one or both chambers of Congress next year.”

Time and again, the Republican Party has put Americans last and voted against bringing good-paying jobs back home. Voters will hold the GOP accountable for their wildly unpopular agenda come November.

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