We all know the type: They do none of the work, put their name on the project, and hope to get credit, no questions asked. That is today’s Republican Party – so devoid of an agenda that they want to claim credit for the new bridges and roads, clean water, and jobs they voted against.

A math lesson for those Republicans: 94% of House Republicans voted against President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – 94% might have gotten them an “A” in school, but today it just makes you a hypocrite. 

Here’s a quick cheat sheet for Republicans to make sure they don’t forget that it was actually Democrats who delivered for their districts: 

  • The Advocate: “Infrastructure money released and praised by congress people who didn’t vote for the bill”
  • MSNBC: “Republicans want credit for infrastructure bill they voted against”
  • HuffPost: “More Republicans Take Credit For Infrastructure Funding They Voted Against”
  • Iowa Starting Line: “Hinson Takes Credit for Infrastructure Funds She Labeled as ‘Socialist,’ Voted Against”

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