LANSING — Following a disaster of a campaign reboot day, Republican gubernatorial candidate James Craig is going back to where it all began — Tucker Carlson’s show. The party insider favorite and Detroit Dodger tweeted hours ago that he’d be on the anchor’s show, marking his 36th such appearance on a national cable program since May. 

In fact, the last time Craig booked ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ it was to give the exclusive July 21st announcement that he was definitively running for governor.

In response, MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“No one should be shocked that James Craig is immediately retreating to his security blanket of slanted national cable shows. After an abysmal campaign reboot day that saw him speeding away in a black SUV, skipping his second event scheduled in Flint, limiting Michigan reporters from the third, and struggling to come up with any issues he’s prioritizing in his campaign, Craig is desperate for the sweet balm of the softball questions that come standard with chummy anchors like Tucker Carlson. Anything to sustain his all talk, no substance campaign.”

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