Rinke’s Used Car Facts: Governor Whitmer Has Been a Champion for Public Education Since Taking Office

Since announcing his campaign, out-of-touch millionaire and Toyota car salesman Kevin Rinke has spent over $300,000 on TV as part of his $10 million dollar pledge to buy the governor’s office. Across four ads, Rinke repeatedly ignores reality and Governor Whitmer’s record in a shady attempt to sell his own credentials.

Used Car Fact #3 – Out-of-Touch Millionaire Kevin Rinke is Blatantly Ignoring the Historic Strides Governor Whitmer Has Made for Public Education and Working Families

In his ad, Rinke criticizes Michigan’s public education system and vows to push back against the educators that dedicate their careers to keeping our students first. As with the other previously fact-checked spots, these claims are baseless and out of step with how Governor Whitmer has championed major improvements in public education.

This year, she secured a bipartisan $17.1 billion dollar public education budget that completely closed a decades-long state funding gap between school districts, making it the “largest investment in PreK-12 schools in state history” — all without raising taxes.

And to ensure those inequality gaps don’t once again broaden, Whitmer recently vetoed “the latest effort by legislative Republicans to create a school voucher system in Michigan” that could have reduced state investment in education by upwards of $500 million annually. She also vetoed a  $155 million voucher program in July of this year.

But it isn’t just K-12. Whitmer delivered big wins for “working families and their employers struggling with a growing childcare crisis” by allocating $1.4 billion of the latest budget to support child care providers and lower costs – bettering the livelihoods of an additional 105,000 families.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Once again, Kevin Rinke’s ads show not just how out-of-touch he is, but the lengths he’s willing to stoop to in order to inflate his own thin credentials on the issues that impact Michiganders the most. He’s a millionaire that hasn’t done anything to improve Michigan’s public education, but somehow thinks he can buy the experience and leadership it takes to keep our students, educators, and parents first. It simply doesn’t hold up to the massive wins Governor Whitmer has and will continue to secure over her first term.”

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