Same John James, Same Playbook

John James loves to run and loves to lose

LANSING —John James, Farmington Hills resident and president of Renaissance Global Logistics, has criticized the Biden Administration’s student loan debt forgiveness plan. Ironically, since April 2020, James received a grand total of $2.7 million through the Paycheck Protection Program. In September 2021, $2.7 million in PPP loans were forgiven, according to federal records. Hypocrite John James has been critical of student loan forgiveness, but has remained silent regarding his own debt forgiveness for his personal business.

“John James is a hypocrite of the worst kind, he wants to have his cake and eat it too” said Michigan Democratic Chair Lavora Barnes. “James calls foul on students receiving education debt relief, but gladly accepts and does not pay back millions of dollars in PPP loans for his personal business. MAGA-extremist John James is out of touch with reality and doesn’t understand the immediate needs of hardworking families living in the 10th Congressional District.”

John James’ hypocrisy does not end with his millions in PPP loan forgiveness, but he is also running to represent constituents in the new 10th Congressional District although he currently resides in Farmington Hills, which is outside the new congressional district lines. James does not understand the community needs of the constituents in the 10th Congressional District- healthcare, education, infrastructure, economic development, public service, and community service. John James believes he can effectively serve without living in the community and understanding the immediate needs and concerns of hardworking families in the 10th Congressional District

On the issue of abortion, John James does not support  women’s reproductive freedom and is against these personal decisions being made between a woman and her doctor. Instead, John James would rather have out-out-touch politicians dictate a woman’s right to choose. James’ position on pro-choice is contrary to the majority of Michigan residents, who support reproductive choices  being made between a woman and her doctor. James also has stated that there should be no exception for rape or incest.

John James is a hypocrite and out of touch with the constituents in the 10th Congressional District. James failed to demonstrate he was the right person to represent Michiganders in Washington during his two previous attempts for federal office. This election cycle,  the third time is  NOT a charm for MAGA-extremist John James.


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