These changes will ensure our elections remain free, fair, and safe

LANSING — Yesterday, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson laid out a set of four non-partisan legislative changes that are needed ahead of this year’s statewide elections. The four needed changes are: 

  • Get Michigan voters election results on election night by allowing preprocessing of absentee ballots
  • Strengthen the security of elections with consistent and sufficient funding
  • Increase penalties for anyone who threatens, harasses or doxxes election workers
  • Protect the voting rights of military service members and their spouses

The Michigan Democratic Party supports each one of these legislative changes and encourages the Republican led legislature to move quickly to enact each one of these changes to ensure our elections remain free, fair, and safe. 

“Secretary Benson continues to advocate for the increased protection and enhancement of voter access to the ballot box for all Michiganders,” says MDP Chair Lavora Barnes. “Secretary Benson is correct – the state legislature must adopt new measures that improves preprocessing time, increases election administration funding for cities and townships, enhances penalties for election sabotage, and protects the voting rights of military service members and their spouses overseas by permitting them to return their ballots electronically.  

“Secretary Benson’s recommendations are common sense measures that can make voting easier for all eligible Michigan voters. The Michigan Democratic Party strongly supports these voter-friendly measures and disavows any GOP attempt to dismiss these much needed public policies or attempts to engage in election sabotage. The Republican-controlled legislature must act now and should ensure that Michigan neighbors, families and friends can make their voices heard at the ballot box.”


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