Mitch McConnell’s caucus keeps finding new ways to undermine the U.S.’s ability to help Ukraine defend against Russia’s unprovoked war. After more than half of Senate Republicans voted against $13.6 billion in military and humanitarian assistance for Ukraine, Senate Republicans are standing in the way of measures to further cripple Russia’s economy, and are once again blocking the confirmation of key nominees. 

Yesterday, Mitch McConnell’s caucus blocked the confirmation of yet another key nominee who would have immediately gotten to work supporting our efforts to help Ukraine.

Sen. Chris Murphy: “Every day Republicans find new ways to make it as hard as possible for the United States to help Ukraine. Senate Republicans just blocked the confirmation of Biden’s nominee to oversee DoD logistics – in other words, the transfer of weapons to Ukraine.”

Senate Republicans have already blocked the confirmation of key Biden administration officials who would play critical roles in our Ukraine response.

Foreign Policy: “Republican Senators Block Confirmation of Key Biden Officials, Stymying Ukraine Response”

At the same time, Rand Paul is delaying the revocation of normal trade relations with Russia. 

The Hill: “A standoff with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) over sanctions language included in the House-passed bill to end normal trade relations with Russia dashed hopes of quickly passing it while President Biden was in Europe and could drag out the legislation for weeks as the Senate faces other looming priorities and an April break.”

Politico: “The idiosyncratic GOP senator is undermining his own party’s message by single-handedly delaying a revocation of normal trade relations with Russia, thereby slowing efforts to further incapacitate Russia’s economy.”

And in a stunning display of callousness, the vast majority of Senate Republicans voted against military aid to arm Ukrainians fighting for their lives. 

Washington Post: “Thirty-one Senate Republicans voted last week against the $1.5 trillion spending bill to fund the government, increase U.S. defense spending and provide humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine.”

The Hill: “All of the 31 ‘no’ votes came from Republicans.”


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