LANSING — You can call the Michigan GOP Senate Showdown many things… “aggressive,” “brutal,” “fractured” – but you can’t say it’s boring. This week’s infighting included websites attacking one another, Republicans calling Rogers a “blatant fraud,” and more.

Here’s the latest on the “unruly” Michigan GOP Senate primary: 

See for yourself:

Stone Cold Truth with Roger Stone: Michigan U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Rogers is the Most Dangerous Anti-Trump Phony Running for Office

  • Rogers has raked in millions following his departure from Congress, funding a lavish lifestyle, and leaving his home state of Michigan in the dust. Rogers has raked in nearly $2 million from serving on the boards of various tech and cybersecurity firms in the past two years alone, cashing in on his deep state bona fides and amassing assets of $17.5 million as a military-industrial grifter. Rogers lived in a mansion worth $1.5 million in Cape Coral, Florida before relocating and buying a home in the Detroit area only a few months before announcing his U.S. Senate run last year.
  • Now that… his coffers are filled with corporate money from the infamous “revolving door” between big business and big government, Rogers is attempting a political comeback.
  • Voters need to be leery of this blatant fraud and reject Rogers in the primary election.

MSNBC: How problematic is the Senate GOP’s ‘carpetbagger’ problem?

  • In Michigan, Republican Senate hopeful Mike Rogers lived in Michigan, then moved to Florida, then moved back for the campaign. 

Daily Kos: Dave McCormick, Sam Brown, Tim Sheehy, Nella Domenici, Mike Rogers, and now Eric Hovde. What do they have in common? Well, they’re all Republican Senate candidates … and they all have deep ties to states other than the ones they’re running in. 

Michigan’s Big Show: When asked if he’d pardon Trump, Rogers responded: “…I do believe it’s probably in the country’s best interest not to go through all that nonsense.”

Michigan’s Big Show: When talking about Trump’s New York civil fraud case, Rogers said: “… this notion that there are two tiers of justice in America looks real to me.”

Michigan’s Big Show: Pensler: “Well I think most of the problems that we have in our country, unfortunately, are self-inflicted. And I think they derive principally from career politicians being unwilling to take on hard decisions because they’re afraid of losing their jobs.”


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