LANSING — Republican Rob Donovic has been disqualified from running for State House in the new House District 22 after falsifying information on his affidavit of identity. Candidates must swear that they meet statutory and constitutional requirements for the office sought when they file to run for office. For state legislative office, candidates must have resided in their district for at least 30 days. A challenge to Rob Donovic’s residency revealed that he moved to the new 22nd district only days before filing. In response, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement:
“Republican candidates up and down the ballot can’t seem to stop committing election fraud. Despite their feigned concern about election security, Republicans like Rob Donovic seem to think that Michigan election laws don’t apply to them. Meanwhile, Republican Gubernatorial candidates James Craig, Perry Johnson, and Tudor Dixon are facing potential disqualification over massive forgery, errors, and falsehoods on their nominating petitions.  At this point we should expect no less from Republican candidates given that their party’s co-chair, Meshawn Maddock, is under investigation by federal prosecutors for her role in Trump’s false electors scheme to overthrow the government. Luckily, Michigan has strong and secure laws designed to protect our elections from these Republican tactics of forgery and deception and will continue to root them out.”


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