Former Alabama Senator Doug Jones released the following statement: 

“It is disappointing that following President Biden’s State of the Union tonight,  Katie Britt stuck to Donald Trump’s losing MAGA playbook, trotting out the same dangerous and unpopular policies that attack our freedoms and would devastate our economy. What Senator Britt failed to mention is the state of our own state, where women and families have felt the harsh impact of Trump’s legacy: abortion banned even in cases of rape and incest, doctors threatened with prosecution, and loving couples who are desperately trying to get pregnant lost access to fertility treatment. She didn’t mention that MAGA Republicans’ refusal to expand Medicaid is preventing over 170,000 people in Alabama from gaining health coverage while Trump threatens to take away health care from millions. And while crime rates have fallen nationwide under President Biden’s leadership, Senator Britt didn’t say a word about how under Trump’s MAGA agenda that Alabama leaders blindly follow, violent crime rates in Alabama have defied national trends and remained higher than the rest of the country.

“Donald Trump and his obedient followers have wreaked havoc on Alabama and our country as a whole, and their record shows just how high the stakes are in this election. The failed MAGA blueprint that Trump’s allies have pushed in Alabama has been a disaster, and the American people cannot afford to let Trump take it nationwide. Under President Biden, the state of our union is strong – but all voters have to do is look at Republicans’ record in Alabama to see just how badly Trump would fail them.”

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