While President Biden has laid out clear plans to tackle the pandemic and allow the American people to safely return to normal, national Republicans continue to cater to a fringe, unvaccinated group, courting them and undermining the best tool we have to end this pandemic.

Republicans continue to kowtow to the most extreme, anti-vax elements of society by politicizing the best way to end this pandemic.Axios: “GOP courts anti-vaxxers with jobless aid”
Washington Post: “Opinion: New covid variant. Same Republican denialism.”
NPR: “Republicans are changing state laws to try to get out of federal vaccine mandates”

Survey after survey shows that vaccine requirements work. The majority of the American people support them, and major businesses have not seen the mass exodus of employees Republicans fearmongered about.

Washington Post Editorial: “The federal workforce is showing vaccine mandates work. Now for the rest of America”
CNN Business: “96% of Tyson’s active workers are vaccinated”
Washington Post: “Vaccine mandates stoked fears of labor shortages. But hospitals say they’re working.”

Congresswoman Nancy Mace’s “breathtaking” hypocrisy this weekend, undermining vaccines in a Fox News interview then praising them in a CNN interview, is just another example of Republicans’ clear pro-sickness agenda.

Rolling Stone: “Republican Dismisses Vaccine on Fox News, Praises It on CNN in Breathtaking Flip Flop”
Newsweek: “Nancy Mace, U.S. representative from South Carolina, has faced criticism online as a video surfaced showing how differently she speaks about vaccines while on Fox News compared to CNN. In her Fox News interview on Sunday, Mace spoke about the benefits of natural immunity over vaccination. While on CNN on the same day she said she was a supporter of getting vaccinations and highlighted the dangers of COVID.”


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