Rochester Hills Republican has been silent on $20,000 donated to his campaign by the former speaker facing criminal investigation

LANSING —When will Republican state Rep. Mark Tisdel return campaign donations from Lee Chatfield in light of a stunning new report that details allegations the former GOP speaker operated a “criminal enterprise” out of his elected office?

Tisdel, of Rochester Hills, has been shockingly quiet about the more than $20,000 donated to his campaign in August 2020 by the Chatfield Majority PACs, according to campaign finance records. 

The Detroit News this week reported some of the details of the ongoing investigation into Chatfield’s time in office, including allegations of cashing out campaign donations to pay for lavish trips as well as reports of illegally peddling and using the prescription drug Adderall.

“Why haven’t we heard from Mark Tisdel about these shocking reports of illegal activity leveled against his one-time Republican colleague who made a significant investment in the Tisdel campaign?” said Nancy Quarles, chair of the Oakland County Democratic Party. “If Mark Tisdel is okay with his campaign receiving tens of thousands of dollars from the disgraced former speaker under investigation for a range of crimes, including sexual assault of a minor, he needs to come out and say that.” 

Tisdel is running for the 55th House District, which covers part of Oakland County, against Democrat Patricia Bernard of Rochester Hills.

Tisdel also has been quiet about other important issues, including explaining his rambling suggestion that Michigan’s 91-year-old abortion ban should carry a murder charge. He has not denounced his comments in the time since the June 22 forum. During that League of Women Voters candidate forum, he said: “My biggest problem with the law is that it refers to abortion as manslaughter … the legal definition of manslaughter is killing a human being without malice aforethought. Now, if in fact the fetus is a human being, there’s certainly malice aforethought involved in that so I don’t think that manslaughter is the right felony to put on that.


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