In response to Trump’s surrogates carrying water for him at all costs on the Sunday shows, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement: 

“Trump’s MAGA minions spent their Sunday on the airwaves dodging, lying, and denying everything from dog homicide to attacks on our democracy. It doesn’t matter how many times a question is repeated or if they’re presented with the facts, Trump’s minions will spew lies and defend his extreme MAGA agenda to ban abortion, threaten our democracy, and rip away our basic freedoms. If it’s Sunday, it’s a Trump surrogate hot mess.”

RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump continues to echo Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories about mail-in voting despite the RNC’s own attempts to roll back their comments. 

RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump: “You cannot have ballots counted after elections are over … we want Election Day to be the last day mail ballots can be counted.”

Lara Trump: “We are gonna strike at a moment’s notice during early voting … we have to have our eyes on everything.”

Forced to address Trump’s egregious comments on political violence, the Big Lie, cutting taxes for the ultra-wealthy, and more, Doug Burgum made the bold decision to…dodge every single question. And then do some more lying. 

Jake Tapper, CNN: “Does that offend you more than Trump telling a room full of donors, wealthy people, millionaires, billionaires, that he’s gonna cut their taxes? Is that buying votes any different?”

Doug Burgum: “First of all, I just reject the whole premise of this idea of ‘wealthy donors.’ I mean, the room of people that were there yesterday are all job creators…”


Tapper: “They’re not wealthy?”

Burgum: “…Well, they’re wealthy now…”

Tapper: “Donald Trump is openly discussing right now pardoning all of the January 6 criminals. I think that you heard a song from them last night at the fundraiser. And those criminals, by the way, include those who have been convicted in an American court of violently attacking police. He’s talking about pardoning them. And he seems to be leaving the door open to potential violence, if he loses, again, based on comments you’ve made in the past, must concern you.”

Burgum: [Refuses to condemn Trump’s comments] 

Burgum, lying and trying to change the subject: “In 2016, this network and many other challenged the results of the election…”

Tapper: “We never challenged the results of the election.”

Tim Scott played his greatest hits on abortion extremism, election denialism, and lying about the Black unemployment rate under Trump. 

Kristen Welker, NBC News: “You said back in August, ‘we must have a pPresident of the United States who will fight for a national abortion ban.’ Do you stand by that?”

Tim Scott: “I have certainly not changed my position whatsoever.”

Kyle Griffin, MSNBC: “Tim Scott just refused — six times — to commit to accepting the results of the 2024 presidential election.”

Scott: “We had the lowest unemployment rate for African Americans under Trump.”

Welker: “Black unemployment was actually at its lowest rate under President Biden, not under Donald Trump.”

Kristi Noem had to once again field questions about bizarre claims made in her new book… from meeting (or not meeting) North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un to killing her own dog. 

Margaret Brennan, CBS News: “Did you meet Kim Jong Un?”

Noem: “As soon as this was brought to my attention, I made some changes and looked at this passage.” […]

Brennan: “So you did not meet with Kim Jong Un?”

Noem: “I’ve met with many world leaders. … I’m not going to talk about specifics.”

Noem, doubling down on shooting her dog: “I’m tired of politicians who pretend to be something that they’re not” 

And Marco Rubio doubled down on his own state’s cruel and extreme abortion ban that went into effect this week after being reminded how deeply unpopular the issue is for the extreme MAGA GOP. 

Shannon Bream, Fox News: “The issue of abortion has been a very difficult one for Republicans. You seem to be of the mindset that you need to embrace it and try to control the conversation in a better way and actually talk about it, not run from it, Democrats, though, feel like it’s a great case to make against you.”


Marco Rubio: “I err on the side of life because without life, none of the other rights matter.”

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