Republicans have a plan that could raise taxes on nearly 40 percent of Michiganders

LANSING — Today is Tax Day, and Republicans want to talk about anything but the fact that the GOP has backed a plan that could raise taxes on millions of Michiganders, including many child care workers, teachers, first responders, and other working people across the Great Lakes State.

This isn’t new for Republicans: GOP lawmakers like Bill Huizenga (MI-02), Jack Bergman (MI-01), and John Moolenar (MI-04) voted for Trump’s tax scam in 2017, which slashed corporate tax rates while Michigan workers paid more than the state’s wealthiest. Now, Republicans are rallying around a new economic plan — which they have promised to pass if successful in this year’s midterm elections — that would hike taxes by more than $1,000 on average for close to 40 percent of Michiganders. 

“Today, on the last day that they can file their taxes, Michiganders deserve to know that Republicans are pushing a plan that would increase taxes for nearly 40% of working Michiganders. It’s unacceptable that Republicans want to raise taxes on teachers, fire fighters, and factory workers all to make the rich even richer,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes. “Make no mistake: While President Biden and Democrats have cut taxes for working families and laid out a plan to lower costs, Republicans are running on an agenda that would force you to pay more.”


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