The Questions James Craig Won’t Answer at His Second Dress Rehearsal

LANSING — This evening, quasi-candidate and party insider favorite James Craig continues his “dress rehearsal” tour across GOP events, this time speaking before the Kent County Republican Party.

Much like his first “off-Broadway” run in Jackson County, expect Craig to once again take his poll-tested platitudes for a spin and then “quickly [leave] the event without speaking to reporters” by “ducking into a black SUV,” leaving Michiganders once again without answers to the following key questions that the former police chief has been dodging for months on end:

  • How long will Craig continue to avoid taking a stand against the January 6th insurrection even as footage extensively documents brutal assault against police officers?
  • Does Craig believe the way Michigan conducts elections is legitimate and that the results from the 2020 general election are accurate?
  • How long does he plan to dodge local press in favor of national networks?
  • Does Craig stand by his May 2020 statements that Governor Whitmer’s COVID-19 protocols saved countless lives in Detroit and statewide?
  • As the Delta variant becomes the dominant strain in America, will Craig encourage Michiganders to get vaccinated?
  • Apparent campaign staffer Lena Epstein teased at the beginning of the month that economic growth would be a key component of Craig’s platform. How does he plan on convincing Michganders that having the fastest growing economy in the Midwest, record unemployment lows, and multi-million dollar investments into our working families and their children are a bad thing?

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite released the following statement:

“This prolonged dress rehearsal tour won’t get Michiganders any closer to uncovering where James Craig stands on the questions he’s been dodging. And that’s by design. Just like a typical politician and right on cue with what his cabal of insider consultants are telling him to do, Craig is convinced that he can’t be definitive on any issue if he wants to survive this crowded primary. While he figures out which wing of the party he should give allegiance to, Governor Whitmer is leading from the front and putting Michiganders first by getting them back to work and fostering a major economic comeback.”

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