The State of our Union is Strong Because Democrats Delivered — No Thanks to Michigan Republicans

Tomorrow, President Biden will deliver his first State of the Union since taking office. While there’s a lot to be proud of — helping families recover from the pandemic, providing funds for small businesses, keeping a majority of schools open, putting shots in arms, and delivering the largest infrastructure package ever — Michigan Republicans don’t get to take credit for any of it.. Below are just five of the things Michigan Republicans voted against this year that President Biden and Democrats in Congress championed — and why it matters:

1. Checks in Pockets: Every single Michigan Republican, including Congressman Fred Upton, voted against the American Rescue Plan that delivered checks of up to $1,400 directly to millions of Michiganders and Child Tax Credit payments that cut child poverty in half. For six months, Michigan families had extra money to pay their bills and put food on the table. While Republicans wanted to leave their constituents with empty pocketbooks, Democrats delivered. 

2. A Lower Cost on Receipts: After attempting to block American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Republicans continued their tirade against Democrats’ agenda by also voting against the COMPETES Act. Every single Michigan Republican said no to lowering costs, strengthening the supply chain, and creating jobs. 

3. Upgrades to the Supply Chain: Nearly every Michigan Republican voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that is now fully funding the long-awaited upgrades to the Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie. Congressman Bergman and Walberg have tried for additional funding in the past, yet when they had the opportunity to provide the money their communities needed, they voted against it. Now, no thanks to them, the Soo Locks will have money to expand, let more cargo in, and create hundreds of good-paying jobs.

4. Children in Schools: When Congressman Meijer said the American Rescue Plan was “excessive,” those federal dollars have allowed schools across Michigan to safely reopen and keep kids in schools instead of at home. Governor Whitmer has used federal and state funds to give schools the resources to keep classrooms clean, pay teachers, and increase school aid. 

5. Affordable Healthcare: The American Rescue Plan included several health initiatives to ensure every American could afford insurance in the middle of a pandemic. The bill eliminated or vastly reduced insurance premiums, and brought down high insurance costs for folks who were between jobs and in need of relief. This resulted in Michigan families saving an average of $259 in ACA health premiums last year. 

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