As Scott sits down for an interview with Axios this morning, here’s what you need to know about him — from his pledge to sign a nationwide abortion ban, refusal to name a single policy difference from Donald Trump, and commitment to cutting taxes for the ultra wealthy to his push to end Social Security and Medicare as we know it.

Scott called South Carolina’s new extreme abortion ban “good news” and has repeatedly promised to sign “the most conservative” national abortion ban possible.

Scott on South Carolina’s new abortion ban: “The state is trying to protect the culture of life and that’s good news. I mean, the heartbeat bill is a step in the direction of that.”

Scott: “I have a 100% pro-life voting record. I’m 100% pro-life conservative. As president of the United States I would sign the most conservative legislation, pro-life legislation that can get to my desk.”

Scott: “What legislation do we have today that gets through Congress? I’ve cosponsored a 20-week bill. I’ve signaled very clearly I’d sign a 15-week bill.”

Scott on if he would sign Lindsey Graham’s proposed federal abortion ban: “Every day, I would sign that bill into law. I would sign the most conservative pro-life legislation you can bring to my desk.”

Scott has on multiple occasions failed to name a single difference between his policies and Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda. 

Fox News: “What are the differences in terms of policy positions that you may have with President Trump?”

Scott: “Probably not very many at all. I am so thankful that we had President Trump in office.”

NBC News: “What will you offer voters that former President Trump will not?”

Scott: “Well, the question is who do I – I’m running for President, period. I plan to win.”

Fox News: “Senator, are you answering my question about how you beat Donald Trump by saying that your personal story is going to sell you to the American people?”

Scott has also downplayed Trump’s role in January 6.

Yahoo News: “Sen. Tim Scott says Trump is the ‘one person I don’t blame’ for Capitol attack”

Scott: “The president is simply not guilty. … The one person I don’t blame is President Trump.”

Scott calls himself  “one of the architects” of Trump’s tax breaks for the 1%  — even though it rigged the economy for the biggest corporations and ultra-wealthy real estate developers and is adding HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars to the national deficit.

Scott: “We make the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act tax cuts permanent.”

Scott: “When it comes to our economic challenges, we need to have a hard conversation about policies that actually work. In 2017, I was one of the architects of reforming the personal side of the tax code.”

PBS NewsHour: “Trump-era Opportunity Zones meant to help low-income communities exploited by investors” 

Iowa Starting Line: “GOP Tax Plan Hurt Farmers, Small Businesses”

New York Times: “A new tax break that President Trump frequently touts as a boon to black Americans and hard-hit communities is spurring relatively little job creation while disproportionately helping high-profit real estate projects and not small businesses, an extensive new study by the Urban Institute has found.” 

Scott has repeatedly backed plans to end Social Security and Medicare as we know it.

Washington Post: “Other potential entrants in the Republican primary, such as former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.) and South Dakota Gov. Kristi L. Noem, also voted for Ryan’s [proposal to cut and privatize Medicare] when they were in Congress.

“‘There’s no doubt that we have to wrestle this beast to the ground and do the right thing,’ Scott said on Fox News in 2012. ‘The fact is that if we don’t start having a real conversation about people in their 40s and younger about the transformation of the system, it won’t be available for folks now in their 20s and 30s.’”

Island Packet: “Kicking off his speech by asking different sections of the audience to sing ‘Hit the Road, Jack’ to President Barack Obama, Scott voiced his support for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security reform, spending cuts and tax reform to combat the federal debt. He said he sided with Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, which retools Medicare into a private insurance program with subsidies for individuals to purchase coverage.”

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