Former Speaker of the House and failed candidate for Attorney General in 2018 is taking another run at Attorney General
LANSING — The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement on behalf of Lavora Barnes, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party on today’s announcement by Tom Leonard.  
Michiganders spoke loud and clear four years ago when we elected Dana Nessel as our Attorney General.  While serving as Speaker of the House, Leonard proved repeatedly that he put his relationships with big business ahead of the needs of everyday citizens. Tom Leonard never made us a priority while serving as Speaker of the House.  And nothing indicates he would be willing to protect Michiganders from scam artists, predators, and greedy special interests.  In fact, he is likely to find every loophole that exists to give these businesses what they want, even if that includes unfair wages, polluting our waterways, or preying on our seniors.
Dana Nessel puts us first every day and is never scared to take on any individual or business that aims to break the law and hurt Michiganders. Dana Nessel has delivered for Michigan, kept her campaign promises and works day and night to keep all of us safe.  When it comes to the election in November 2022, Attorney General Nessel deserves 4 more years as our Attorney General and Michiganders deserve 4 more years of Dana Nessel.

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