Just days after a gunman murdered 21 people in Texas, Donald Trump and Republican leaders are making clear they stand with the gun lobby over our children.

Senator Ted Cruz, Governors Greg Abbott and Kristi Noem, and Donald Trump are still scheduled to headline the NRA convention this week.

Houston Chronicle: “Trump, Cruz, Abbott still set to speak at NRA meeting in Houston days after Uvalde mass shooting” 

Washington Post: “Trump to speak at NRA meeting in Texas days after school shooting” 

Insider: “Gov. Greg Abbott and Trump scheduled to address NRA conference in Texas 72 hours after elementary-school shooting”

Fox News: “Cruz, Noem headline NRA’s first annual meeting since start of pandemic: ‘Pro-freedom lineup’”

Thoughts and prayers are not enough as the Republican Party makes clear they are beholden to the NRA instead of protecting our children.

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