LANSING — Donald Trump’s trip to Michigan today shines a light on the Republicans’ “brutal intraparty battle” with the GOP Senate candidates “bashing one another.”

Trump’s endorsement of Mike Rogers has incited opposition from Republicans across the state. 25 of the 60 Michigan RNC delegates have signed a resolution urging Trump to rescind his endorsement of Rogers, and reporters have pointed out that it could be a “significant liability.”

Here’s what you need to know about Trump adding more fuel to the fire in the “unruly” Senate GOP primary: 

  • Republicans protested outside of a Rogers fundraiser and urged Trump to “listen” and rescind his endorsement of “Deep State RINO” Rogers.

Here’s what you need to know about Mike Rogers:

  • Rogers supports banning abortion, co-sponsored four fetal personhood bills that could have had the same effect as the Alabama ruling in restricting access to IVF. If Rogers had lived in Michigan in 2022, he would have voted against Proposal 3.


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