The Republican Party is at war at itself, but Trump is winning. Republicans are turning on each other and are leaving the party in droves after Trump incited and encouraged an insurrection on the Capitol. Instead of standing up for our country and holding Trump accountable, the Republican Party has come crawling back to Trump.

The GOP civil war was on full display yesterday as a top Trump ally rallied hundreds of Trump supporters against a top Republican leader.

CNN: “Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida railed against GOP Rep. Liz Cheney at the Wyoming state capitol on Thursday, stirring hundreds of Trump supporters and counter protesters after she voted to impeach the former President.”

At the same time, Republicans are leaving the party in huge numbers following the Capitol insurrection.

News & Observer: “Donald Trump’s time in office ended with more North Carolina Republicans leaving the party than in any other month in his presidency. The Capitol riot that broke out after Trump’s speech on Jan. 6 led some North Carolina Republicans on a march of their own. But they went to the NC State Board of Elections to change their party affiliations… In just over two weeks, from Jan. 7 to Jan. 22, according to data from the elections board, 59% of 10,766 changes to voter registration came from Republicans re-registering as unaffiliated, as Rhinehardt did.”

The Hill: “More than 30,000 voters who had been registered members of the Republican Party have changed their voter registration in the weeks after a mob of pro-Trump supporters attacked the Capitol — an issue that led the House to impeach the former president for inciting the violence. The massive wave of defections is a virtually unprecedented exodus that could spell trouble for a party that is trying to find its way after losing the presidential race and the Senate majority.”

Trump is winning the civil war and, instead of standing up for our country and holding him accountable, Republicans are crawling back to Trump

CNN: “Two roads diverged in American politics, and the Republican Party chose the one traveled by disgraced ex-President Donald Trump and QAnon conspiracy theorists.”

Politico: “Three weeks ago, Donald Trump was radioactive, even in the top quarters of his own party. Now, those same Republicans are convinced they can’t live without the energy he gives off, even if it proves toxic.”

Washington Post Editorial: “It seemed the GOP might show some self-respect. Now they’re crawling back to Trump.”

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