Yesterday, Trump tried to take credit for a testing announcement that the White House first promoted back in August. While he desperately attempts to change the narrative away from his failed COVID-19 response, voters won’t be fooled. Trump still doesn’t have a national testing strategy to contain the virus, he still refuses to listen to the experts, and he continues to run political interference and downplay the coronavirus as it surges across the country.

The White House first promoted Trump’s testing announcement back in August and still hasn’t released detailed guidance on how to distribute the tests.

CNN: “President Donald Trump formally announced a plan on Monday to disperse the 150 million rapid coronavirus tests first promoted by the White House in August. The White House originally billed the deal to obtain tests, which are made by Abbott Laboratories, as a potential game-changer to battle the coronavirus pandemic. But without detailed federal guidance on how to distribute the tests, states and cities remained divided, and some of them stifled, on how to best to use those types of rapid tests and others for the testing technique known as ‘screening’ — which involves routinely testing people whether or not they have symptoms.”

Trump continues to downplay the threat of coronavirus as experts and all of the data say the pandemic is far from over.

TRUMP: “We’re rounding the corner.  And, very importantly, vaccines are coming, but we’re rounding the corner regardless.”

New York Times: “Pandemic Is Far From Over, Experts Say, Despite Trump Allies’ Claims”

TIME: “Alarming Data Show a Third Wave of COVID-19 Is About to Hit the U.S.”

The White House pressured the CDC to downplay the risk of sending kids back to school as Trump recklessly pushed schools to unsafely reopen.

New York Times: “Top White House officials pressured the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this summer to downplay the risk of sending children back to school, a strikingly political intervention in one of the most sensitive public health debates of the pandemic, according to documents and interviews with current and former government officials.”

Voters know the truth. Even Trump’s own supporters are abandoning him because of his failed response and lies about the coronavirus.

Former Trump voter in Texas: “She finally decided Trump had failed at his job when it mattered most, when the pandemic struck. ‘He did nothing to help us,’ she said. And she went for Biden.”

Former Trump voter and senior in Florida: “He just lies about everything.”

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