GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Bryan Posthumus comes from a family with a recognizable name and political connections, but as a candidate for Michigan’s 73rd House District, Posthumus should be more truthful with voters and let them know he has a checkered past, the Kent County Democratic Party said today. 

The truth is:

  • Posthumus pled guilty to operating while intoxicated in January 2013, according to court records, and has been found guilty two other times of driving with a suspended license. 
  • Posthumus was evicted from Woodland Creek Apartments in Kentwood in September 2016. That address — which is outside of the 73rd District — is still listed on his voting record.
  • Posthumus has several active liens against his business, West Michigan Hopyards, for failure to pay on debt obligations.

“Bryan Posthumus doesn’t think the law applies to him because he comes from a politically influential family whose allegiance isn’t to the voters, but to Betsy DeVos’ failed school policies and the leadership vacuum that is Donald Trump,” said Gary Stark, chair of the Kent County Democratic Party. “The truth is Bryan Posthumus is not telling the voters who he really is. Voters in the 73rd District can’t trust him.”

Michigan’s 73rd House District covers parts of Kent County, including East Grand Rapids and the townships of Nelson, Spencer, Courtland, Oakfield, Cannon, Plainfield and Grand Rapids.

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