Tudor Dixon Undermines Her Own Kneejerk Hyperpartisan Opposition to Governor Whitmer’s Plan to Cut Costs for Families 

Governor Whitmer recently demonstrated her commitment to cutting costs for Michigan families and helping make sure kids have what they need as they start a new school year with a proposal to suspend the state sales tax on school supplies, a move that would immediately “lower costs for parents, teachers, and students.”

After being immediately critical of the cost-cutting idea because it doesn’t fit into her special interest, wrong-for-Michigan agenda that shortchanges students, parents, and teachers, DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon is now scheduled to participate in a “back to school supply drive” in support of Oakland County Public Schools – undermining her own kneejerk partisan reaction that “shopping is done.”

Dixon backs a plan to cut public education funding by up to $500 million annually and sell public schools for parts, while diverting resources into private schools-turned tax havens for the rich. If that wasn’t damaging enough to future generations of Michigan’s workforce, Dixon also wants to kneecap public education by rewriting our state’s constitution to allow public funding to be siphoned to private schools. These unsustainable cuts come on top of the $3.5 billion her tax plan would indiscriminately slash from the School Aid Fund.

While Dixon pushes a special interest-backed agenda, this tax suspension is only the latest way Governor Whitmer has worked with anyone to cut costs for working families in her first term. Previously, she secured $275 million in tax cuts for small businesses, $400 refund checks for every Michigan driver, and expanded low and no-cost childcare to 150,000 families.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Tudor Dixon’s hyperpartisan obstruction is on full display this week as she undermines even her own excuse for opposing Governor Whitmer’s plan to cut costs for families as kids head back to school. Her opposition to lowering costs on school supplies for kids falls right in line with her DeVos-backed plan to divert hundreds of millions in funding from public education in Michigan. While Governor Whitmer is working with anyone to cut costs, Dixon is angling for political games.”

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