This morning, Vice President Harris announced that, thanks to the Biden-Harris administration’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, every lead pipe in the U.S. will be replaced so no family is at risk of drinking contaminated water. While Republicans are busy whitewashing January 6 to protect people like Mark Meadows and Donald Trump, who incited a violent assault on our Capitol, President Biden and Vice President Harris have their focus exactly where it should be: delivering for the American people. 

Because President Biden and Vice President Harris focused on building consensus and delivered infrastructure investments, every American will have access to clean, safe drinking water no matter where they live. 

CNN: “Harris announces Biden administration’s new lead pipe and paint removal effort”

CNN: “Through the administration’s new Lead Pipe and Paint Action Plan, agencies will take a number of steps meant to remove the toxic metal from places where people live, work or go to school. Harris said the push would focus on communities that have ‘historically been left out or left behind.’”

New York Times: “At an event on Thursday at the AFL-CIO headquarters, Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to announce that the administration will spend the first chunk of that money — $3 billion — to begin pipe replacement and to reduce the health hazard posed by lead paint, senior administration officials said.”

NBC News: “‘There is no reason in the 21st century for why people are still exposed to this substance that was poisoning people back in the 18th century,’ Harris said. She added that more than half of American children under six are at risk of lead exposure.”

Axios: “U.S. plans to replace all lead pipes over next decade”

Washington Post: “Biden administration details push to finally rid the nation of millions of lead pipes”


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