This week, Vice President Harris once again stepped up and delivered on the Biden-Harris administration’s promise to reestablish America’s leadership on the world stage. In Paris, Vice President Harris displayed strong, committed leadership, strengthened our transatlantic relationships, announced new agreements that will benefit Americans and our allies around the world, and proved that America is truly back. 

During her third foreign trip, Vice President Harris displayed real leadership and fulfilled the Biden-Harris administration’s promise to reestablish America’s role as a global leader.

Los Angeles Times: “On trip to France, Kamala Harris is introducing herself to the world in personal terms”

Bloomberg: “Kamala Harris Courts Bigger Role on Global Stage With Visit to France”

Los Angeles Times: “She began a five-day trip here by declaring ‘the best kind of work’ happens with ‘scientists from around the world coming together.’ Her tour of the Institut Pasteur science lab Tuesday, where Americans are working alongside Europeans to tackle COVID-19 and where her Indian-born mother researched breast cancer, was one of several events aimed at drawing a contrast with Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda.”

In Paris, Vice President Harris held a bilateral meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and strengthened one of our oldest and closest alliances.

CNN: “Vice President Kamala Harris and French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday they look forward to closer US-French cooperation as they sat down for a bilateral meeting at the Elysée Palace aimed at revitalizing US-French ties.”

Washington Post: “Harris’s trip is full of symbolism that seeks to reinforce the shared struggles that both countries have endured, and the shared values they hope will help shape the 21st century.”

The Hill: “At the start of their meeting, Macron greeted Harris warmly, telling the vice president that the ‘French people are extremely proud to have you today.’ Macron described the global effort as entering a ‘new era’ and said cooperation between the U.S. and France is ‘absolutely critical.’”

Vice President Harris also forged agreements and announced the U.S. is engaging in new cybersecurity and climate partnerships that will benefit Americans and our allies. 

New York Times: “Vice President Kamala Harris announced on Wednesday that the United States had joined a French-led international initiative to protect civilians against cyberattacks and discourage digital meddling in elections, three years after the Trump administration declined to sign onto the effort.”

The Hill: “Harris, who chairs the National Space Council, also announced that the U.S. would join the Space Climate Observatory, an international initiative of space agencies and organizations that focuses on the impact of climate change.”


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