Detroit News investigation into DePerno’s role in voting machine tampering scheme latest example of statewide GOP candidates’ contempt for democracy, support for conspiracy theories

LANSING – All three presumptive Republican candidates for statewide office are unified in their embrace of bogus conspiracy theories and false claims and a flagrant disregard for the democratic process, not to mention an utter disdain for millions of voters who they seek to represent.

Investigative reporting this week by The Detroit News lays out the role Republican Attorney General candidate Matt DePerno played in an illegal scheme to tamper with voting machines, including DePerno’s own comments about his involvement in the conspiracy. That’s just the latest example of the threats to democracy posed by all three GOP candidates for statewide office, including Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo and gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon

“This is the most radical and fringe ticket ever fielded by Republicans in Michigan, with all three major nominees embracing bogus conspiracy theories and the candidate to be the top law enforcement officer in Michigan now facing criminal investigation,” said Lavora Barnes, chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “These radical GOP candidates continue to show their disdain for free and fair elections and their willingness to toss out the will of millions of voters across Michigan.”

Dixon, DePerno and Karamo have each repeatedly claimed that the 2020 election was stolen and DePerno recently said that municipalities should stop counting votes by midnight

“These Republicans are simply too radical and too extreme for Michigan,” Barnes said. “We Democrats are continuing to work hard so voters understand the tremendously high stakes of the November election and the danger posed to our democracy by Dixon, DePerno and Karamo.”


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