“He doesn’t even talk about his candidacy. Can I get my $500 back, [James Craig]? – Conservative political commentator Dennis Lennox

Today, the Michigan Democratic Party is releasing a new video highlighting that Michigan issues seem to be the last thing on James Craig’s priority list, if the focus of his national cable appearances – often the only time his campaign that “hasn’t moved out of first gear” is heard from – are any indication. 

Titled “Not Focused on Michigan,” the video documents Craig’s frequent appearances on national cable news to talk about different places all over the country – except Michigan. His 60+ cable news appearances, including two in the last 24 hours, have come at the expense of everyday Michiganders who have yet to see a shred of the Detroit Dodger’s plans to address the issues that matter most to them, such as infrastructure, education, health care and more.

WATCH the new video here and read the full transcript at the bottom:

With just 6 months to go until the Republican gubernatorial primary, patience for Craig is beginning to wear thin for at least some of the MIGOP insiders that started off the cycle in his corner. In a tweet yesterday, conservative political commentator Dennis Lennox expressed his regret for donating $500 to “the one-time leading [Republican] candidate for governor of Michigan.” In line with MDP’s new video, Lennox noted that Craig “continues to play cable TV pundit from his swivel chair instead of raising money and actually campaigning. He doesn’t even talk about his candidacy.”

For the most recent campaign finance reporting period, Craig’s expenditures totaled over $120,000 more than he was able to raise between October and December 2021.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“This video could have easily been several hours long without repeating a clip if we included every single time James Craig has gone on some chummy national anchor’s show to talk about everything but Michigan issues. The jury remains out on whether any of his MIGOP-issued handlers have bothered to tell the Detroit Dodger what state he’s running in after eight months on the trail. The governorship isn’t an audition. Our working families deserve to know what Craig’s actual plan is to keep them first.”

Video transcript:

JAMES CRAIG: And let’s talk about Chicago. 

JAMES CRAIG: Uh, that situation that happened in Chicago.

JAMES CRAIG: …the New York mayor. 

JAMES CRAIG: the mayor out in, in San Francisco. 

JAMES CRAIG: …including the mayor in D.C.

JAMES CRAIG: I’m talking about my old home of LA.

JAMES CRAIG: Yeah, the great state of Maine.

JAMES CRAIG: …places like Florida.

JAMES CRAIG: Portland, Oregon. Seattle. 

JAMES CRAIG: Texas, Arizona.

JAMES CRAIG: San Francisco, St. Louis.

JAMES CRAIG: …in Oakland, Southern California. 

JAMES CRAIG: …out there in Philadelphia, you see what’s happening.

JAMES CRAIG: I’d go to Chicago, run for mayor.

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