Today, ahead of President Biden’s State of the Union address, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison highlighted the stark contrast between Democrats and Republicans. While President Biden is fighting Putin with everything we have, Trump is calling him “smart” and “savvy.” And while Democrats have a plan to lower costs, Republicans want to raise taxes on over half of Americans and refuse to do their jobs to fight inflation.


Chair Harrison: “Where we got the former president who’s out there talking about Putin being ‘smart’ and ‘savvy,’ you got this president who is fighting back against Putin with everything that we have as a nation and uniting NATO behind the Ukrainians.”

Chair Harrison: “What you’re also going to hear is President Biden’s plan for how we bring down costs for the American people, because Democrats actually have a plan. … The Republicans, on the other hand, don’t have any plans other than increasing taxes on half of America in Rick Scott’s plan.”


Chair Harrison: “Stop standing in the way of bringing down the costs for everyday folks. Stop offering plans that increase the taxes on half of Americans … go to your hearing instead of walking out of the hearings so that we can get people on the Federal Reserve so we can bring down the inflationary pressures of this country.”


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